Akwaton.plus Hand Wipes


Application: Disposable wipes for disinfecting hands and to maintain daily personal hygiene. After removing the tissue from the sachet wipe your hands thoroughly and wait at least 3 seconds. Can be re-used two or three times if moisture is preserved by storing in the sachet.
Purpose of product: a product designed for use by the general public.
Product Form: non-woven viscose tissue soaked with aqueous  solution.


Includes: PHMG Poly hexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride]

Store in areas above freezing up to 40 degrees C

- Very high protection against  biocidal infections
- Safe for users
- Protects against  bacteria, viruses and fungi
- Effectively removes odors
- It has excellent wetting properties
- Recommended for high-risk areas of infection


Packages contains: 25 or 200 individual sachets.
 Sustainability: a closed sachet has a service life of 36 months from date of manufacture.
Disposal.  used wipes can be treated as household waste.
Avoid eye contact

 Lab Research confirmed in Canada and Poland.

Studies: PN - EN 1500 + EN 12054, PN- 1500, en 1276, en1650, en12054

The most common errors during hand washing are:
• Too short cleaning time
• Inadequate hand washing
• Leaving jewelry and watch on your hands or wrist
• Not using water hot enough


If you are unable to wash your hands use our akwaton.plus Wipes for hands and personal hygiene. Akwaton.plus Wipes guarantee your protection against micro-organisms for more than 10 hours. After washing hands, remove tissue and wipe your hands thoroughly and wait 3 seconds.


akwaton.plus Wipes fights and provides protection against infections such as MRSA, (Staphylococcus aureus), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae.

Akwaton.plus General Purpose Wipes



Akwaton.plus Wipes for the disinfection of surfaces(including those in contact with food), in industrial locations, in homes, public utilities, kindergarten, schools; for computers and equipment.

Akwaton.plus Wipes is easy to use on surfaces with quick results. Extraordinary action against bacteria. Confirmed by the laboratories in Poland and in Canada. They are effective against bacteria within 30 seconds(such as MRSA) in accordance with the EU standards.
Contains: Poly hexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride.ide)




-perfect cleaning properties
-safe for users
-protects against bacteria, viruses and fungi
-effectively removes unwanted odours
-leaves no sediment
-recommended for areas with high risk of infection
-perfect for diaper cleanliness
-not categorized as dangerous product


General Information


Hands are the most common route for disease transmission
of microorganisms. Therefore, proper hand hygiene is a basic principle in preventing infections, especially in medical and dental areas, but not only those. Hand hygiene is vital for each one of us on a daily basis for health, prevention and safety at work and elsewhere. This is the most effective, inexpensive and easily available way for HIV prevention, but unfortunately the most neglected. Poor hand hygiene is a problem that is important to overcome. It is important to encourage the habit of washing hands after going to the toilet or before eating food. Often, dirty hands and  non-compliance with hygienic rules causes infections and food poisoning diseases.
 Respiratory tract infections are more often caused by microorganisms transmitted through the air. Every day we touch many different surfaces, without considering whether they are infected by germs.
Touching commercial shopping trolleys (which are shown by research to carry a great number of germs), cashier tapes from registers, keyboards, currency, public benches, all are sources of possible infection in offices, subway, bus, planes, handrails and many others.
In offices, computer keyboard, a special table top social rooms,
 Microorganisms can not see with the naked eye, so many people underestimate the dangers associated with them.


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