Commercial Collaboration with Purchasers

Additional Information for People and Companies interested in our product:
    • When using our research and experience, the product can be successfully used and applied for expanding your product range and attributes.
    • For industrial users, our product, thanks to its effectiveness against a broad range of pathogenic micro-organisms has multiple applications; such as:
    • As a component for cosmetic products
    • In the technology of paper making
    • In plastic films for food wrapping
    • In cotton or natural fabric technology
    • Disinfection purposes in medical, veterinary and food industry fields
    • Hand and body sterilization
    • Disinfecting and purifying water for drinking, swimming pools, waste and sewage water
    • Sterilizing and deodorizing air movement in air-conditioning and heating ducts
    • Seed and soil disinfection and treatment
    • Industrial and commercial transport vehicles
    • Foot and body disinfection by liquid or misting methods in recreational, commercial or farm facilities.
    • All types of surface disinfection of floors, walls and equipment
    • Akwaton.plus Wipes are available in packages showing the name and advertising of the purchaser.  Packaging is made of three layer laminate paper, with printed sachets.