Indicator strips are used to control and determine the actual concentration of PHMG in disinfected waters in potable water tanks, swimming and industrial pools, fountains and waterholes. Strips by changing color from light blue to darker blue, depending on the concentration of PHMG, show values calibrated in p.p.m, which is the amount of PHMG contained in the water.  In operation there is a natural decrease in the concentration of PHMG in disinfected tanks.  Watching the concentration of bars allows you to adjust the proper and effective concentration of PHMG in the water. If it is found that the measured concentration is lower than that recommended in the instructions for use,  the preparation must be rectified by adding more  Measurement indicator strips perform as described on the other side of the package.

Dip the strip in the test water to a depth of 1-2 cm, after about 2 seconds, remove from the water, after 30 seconds read the concentration of using the scale on the package.
Indicator strips can be used for testing other things than water. Objects that have been decontaminated with can be tested for continuing decontamination by wetting with a drop of water on the surface and applying the strip. For example, surgical instruments can be tested by slightly wetting with a drop of 0.5% and applying the indicator strips.






If you want to measure the pH level in the water after the addition of our product, measure the ph level by other measuring strips that are available.  pH levels should be 7.

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