akwaton.plus Desinfect Wipes

Akwaton.plus Disinfect Wipes are saturated with fast-acting and easy to use formulation with a germicidal disinfectant, fungicidal, virucidal. The extraordinary effectiveness of the product to the bacteria MRSA, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, sticks a blue oil, Legionella.
Confirmed by laboratories in Canada and Poland.
They are effective against bacteria within 3 seconds, according to EN standards.


Wipes are useful in kindergartens, schools, workplaces, for different types of equipment and computers, toys, all kinds of furniture, etc.: industrial and domestic conditions, and public utilities.
- Very high efficiency of biocidal
- Safe for users
- Removes bacteria, viruses and fungi
- Effectively removes odors
- It has excellent wetting properties
- Recommended for high-risk areas of infection
- classified as a dangerous product


Purpose of product: a product designed for use by the general
Product Form: sachet handkerchief soaked non-woven viscose aqueous germicidal solution.
Active ingredients: the product contains Poly [heksametylenodiaminoguanidyny chloride]
Package contains: 25 sachets.
Store at a temperature of -5 - +40 ° C
Sustainability: a closed pouch service life of 36 months from date of manufacture.
Dispose of used wipes, and packaging be treated as household waste.
Includes: Poly [heksametylenodiaminoguanidyny chloride]

Labor-intensive fight against dust, dirt and bacteria is no longer a problem thanks to modern technology with akwaton.plus wipes for different types of surfaces. The activity of our product is  effectively removing harmful bacteria from the surface and preventing new contamination. An additional advantage is the effectiveness lasts 2 to 3 days (confirmed by tests), and differs in that it repels dust.

Modern akwaton.plus wipes for disinfecting surfaces is therefore a product that provides long lasting freedom from concern about bacteria and viruses.


Fosfaton-Akwaton International Ltd.