Food Industry Disinfection Application is an excellent disinfectant for industry, including food industry. It can be used for disinfecting surfaces, equipment and tanks in contact with food. Fight bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The efficacy of preparations is confirmed by studies performed by Lab-Test Katowice, PZH - Department of Biological Contamination and Minister of Health in Poland. Research is by mode of action and antiseptic disinfection according to PN-EN: 13697, PN / EN: 1276 and BS / EN: 1650, BS -1040, BS EN13727: 2006: which also apply in the European Union.


Preparations are non foaming, have no odor or color. They are safe for staff and consumers. They work on all surfaces. The effectiveness of disinfection increases with increasing temperature.


Biocides may be included in cleaning agents, or multifunctional products. Disinfection can be accelerated by increasing the dose from 0.05% to 2%.


The authorization of the Ministry of Health Ministry of Health, Poland No. ZPS-484 pb-4052/


Advantages compared to other decontamination methods:

- does not destroy the surface disinfected (such as harmful effects caused by the oxidizing action of chlorine compounds)
- fights all microorganisms
- Does not cause the effect of immunization which often occurs when quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) are used.
- Has no odor
-PZH standard allows the residue of 0.1 mg per liter of drinking water, so use of the product poses no risk to the consumer from not rinsing or not washing the surface or product itself.
- Provides long lasting protection; does not evaporate.


Disinfected surfaces should be wiped or sprayed with a solution according to label instructions  on the products

For disinfection of machinery and equipment requiring enhanced corrosion protection, a concentration of 2% should be used.

Surfaces in contact with food must be rinsed with clean water.



Ready to use product with a bactericidal and fungicidal action for the disinfection of surfaces (including food contact) in industrial,  household and public facilities, including the equipment, tables, utensils, floors, walls, stairs and uniforms in places where food is prepared or consumed.
Active substance: the product contains PHMG poly[hexamethylenguanidine hydrochloride]
Akwaton .plus product comes in two forms, liquid and spray bottles.
In liquid form:  1 liter, 5 liters and 20 liters in concentrations of various strength
In spray bottles: various sizes and concentrations