Disinfecting Health, Professional and General  Facilities.

Akwaton.plus Disinfect is a modern disinfectant, based on polymerized guanidine derivatives.  New production technology has created a relatively safe and effective product.  Akwaton.plus Disinfectant will not harm surfaces and equipment disinfected.  Akwaton.plus is not harmful to the environment, so it does not require disposal cost and will not cause pollution and environmental risks.  Akwaton.plus Disinfect is effective against all microorganisms: Gram-negative bacteria and gram – positive bacteria, including those causing tuberculosis and cholera, fungi, viruses, flu, herpes, adenovirus, HIV, enteroviruses, and others. Warming up increases the effectiveness of working solutions of disinfection.


Akwaton.plus Disinfectants are safe for all materials (polymers, glass, rubber, plastics, metals, ceramics, painted surfaces) and does not stain fabrics.  Akwaton.plus does not react and can be added to soaps and surfactants.



Akwaton.plus Disinfect belongs to Group IV in the classification of dangerous substances (Group IV are less hazardous substances) with regard to contact with skin or swallowed. Akwaton.plus Disinfect is not dangerous when used according to instructions. Concerning exposure to skin, it is not embryotoxic, mutagenic, carcinogenic. It is non-volatile, safe to use and transport and does not irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory tract, so that it can be used for cutting or dipping in the presence of people (patients, children and staff) without the use of respiratory protection. It is colorless and odorless. Recommended storage time-1 year, but may be extended following confirmation of antimicrobial action.  Akwaton.plus Disinfect should not be frozen.


Akwaton.plus Disinfect should be used in medical facilities in accordance with the concentration and exposure periods specified under directive

NIH DF 021/03 -


Active substance: the product contains poly hexamethyleneguanidine hydro chloride. (PHMG)



Akwaton.plus Disinfect can be used to:
• decontamination of medical equipment (including endoscopes and their parts) dental equipment, veterinarian equipment,  zoos, laboratories, glassware, tools, hairdressing and manicure tools, surfaces, furniture, sanitary and technical equipment, clothing, linen, crockery, cleaning equipment, tools and equipment in contact with the sick with bacterial, fungal and viral infections.
• Disinfecting surfaces and equipment in kindergartens, schools and restaurants (including surfaces in contact with food).
• Disinfection in pharmacies, schools, public transport, public places (railway stations, saunas, swimming pools, locker rooms, public toilets, etc.).
•. disinfection methods include spraying, wiping, dipping in the solutions.   Akwaton.plus molecules leave a thin protective layer on the surface disinfected to prevent further infection, even up to three months.

Spray Bottle Uses

Very useful to destroy bacteria and viruses in the environment of dogs, cats, birds, rodents, reptiles in veterinarian and home locations. Regular application ensures that bedding, carpets, dishes, feeding areas will be free from harmful germs.


The Spray provides long-lasting protection, however, in areas exposed to regular or extra infection it should be performed every day.


akwaton.plus Disinfect Multi-purpose Wipes-cloth to the surface

Application: Disposable wipes for disinfecting hands and to maintain daily personal hygiene. After removing the tissue from the sachet wipe your hands thoroughly and wait at least 3 seconds. Can be re-used two or three times if moisture is preserved by storing in the sachet. 
Wipes are useful in kindergartens, schools, workplaces, for different types of equipment and computers, toys, all kinds of furniture and the like: in industrial and domestic, and public utilities.
Akwaton.plus Wipes for the disinfection of surfaces (including those in contact with food), in industrial locations, in homes, public utitlities, kindergarten, schools; for computers and equipment.Akwaton.plus Wipes is easy to use on surfaces with quick results. Extraordinary action against bacteria confirmed bacteria. Confirmed by the laboratories in Poland and in Canada. They are effective against bacteria and viruses within 30 seconds(such as MRSA) in accordance with the EU standards. 
Contains: Poly ( polihexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride)
-perfect cleaning properties
-safe for users
-protects against bacteria, viruses and fungi
-effectively removes unwanted odours
-leaves no sediment
-recommended for areas with high risk of infection 
-not categorized as dangerous product

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