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Company:  Fosfaton-Akwaton International Ltd Canada is the owner and producer of a natural formulation of Polyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochloride which differs from other formulations in the means of production and capabilities. preparation is the result of years of research on measures for  disinfection and flocculation.
We have created a natural modern preparation - a product with a wide range of applications. Effective and safe for the environment and humans.
The efficacy was confirmed by testing,  using all pertinent protocols of European Standards; plus studies in Kenya, Ivory Coast, Canada, the United States. Some applications have certificates and licenses.
PROPERTIES is soluble in water and easy to use.  It is odorless, non-flammable and stable. Effectively destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses. Forms a protective layer – protects and  disinfects equipment,  tanks and pipes against corrosion. It has flocculation properties. In addition binds to heavy metals, which facilitates their removal.

Research - Authorization.

Disinfect (R)

PN - EN 13697:2001 + Apl 2003 Certificate: MZ, BS EN 13727:2006, BS - EN 1276:2010 no. ZPS-484 pb-4052/10(scope of accreditation includes standards for the department "Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics') Disinfect Wipes (R) for surfaces:

PN - EN 13697:2001 + Apl 2003 Certificate: MZ, BS EN 13727:2006, BS - EN 1276:2010 no. ZPS-484 pb-4052/10

Disinfect (R) Health care facilities.

PN - EN 13697:2001 + Apl 2003 Certificate: MZ, BS EN 13727:2006, BS - EN 1276:2010 no. ZPS-484 pb-4052/10 Wipes (R)

wipes to disinfect hands and to maintain daily personal hygiene. Studies: BS EN 1500 + EN 12054, BS 1500, en 1276, en1650, en12054, BS EN 12054:1995, Water

NIH - BS EN 1040, NIH - BS EN 1272nd L.K. - EN 12054, EN 1276:2010, K12; L.K. EN 1040, EN - 1650:2008, EN-1275 Water Industry

NIH - BS EN 1040, NIH - BS EN 1272nd L.K. - EN 12054, EN 1276:2010, K12; L.K. EN 1040, EN - 1650:2008, EN-1275

MZ: ZPS-484pb-4264/10
Indicator Strips / PHMG
We have created indicator strips, used to determine the concentration of PHMG in the water.
1.CONCLUSIONS: The studies showed that the preparations and have strong decontamination and purifying properties and can be used for disinfection of environments where contaminations are gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens and fungi. Product can be effective on surfaces both smooth and porous. For these reasons it may be recommended for the veterinary and livestock fields (cattle, pigs) and in seed production, purification and disinfection of drinking water in swimming pools, water disinfection and purification of industrial sewage sludge treatment, backwash water disinfection, destruction of microflora deposited on tanks and in waters for power plants and other water facilities, replacing chlorine in water networks.
2.RESEARCH OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the    Prevent the growth of bacteria - Escherichia coli (Enterohaemorrhagic), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (baton blue oil), staphylococcus aureus, MRSA (effective in 30 seconds - Staphylococcus aureus), Candida. Albicans (fungus), Aspergillus brasiliensis, Yeast Canndidia albicans, legionnelli.
          - destroys viruses, bacteria and pathogenic fungi.
          - high efficiency,
          - good water solubility,
          - odorless,
         - safe for transporting
         - protection of pipelines against corrosion
          - assist the removal of heavy metals in the water filtration through the bonding
- no harmful effects on humans and the environment.
- high efficiency.
- complete biodegradation.
- attractive price offer DISINFECT

Ready to use product with a bactericidal action and removal of yeast at 20C, for the disinfection of surfaces (including food contact) in industrial and household and public facilities such as cinemas, theaters, public toilets, changing rooms and areas by the pools, public transportation.
picture DISINFECT Disinfect is a modern disinfectant, based on guanidine derivatives.  New production technology has created a relatively safe and effective product. Disinfectis will not harm surfaces and equipment disinfected.  Akwaton is not harmful to the environment, so it does not require disposal cost and will not cause pollution and environmental risks.ion.
picture Water Industry

Application: the product is introduced directly into the circulation of cooling water or heating, tanks and fountains without dilution in the preparation of 10 liters to 100 liters of water disinfected. Ensure good mixing of water with the product.
Biocidal effect is obtained after 15 minutes.


picture Disinfectant wipes

Disinfectant wipes are easy to use and get quick results disinfectant. Extremely active against bacteria. confirmed by laboratories in Poland and Canada. They are effective against the bacteria, destroying them in just 30 seconds in accordance with EU standards.
picture Wipes

Disposable wipes for disinfecting hands and to maintain daily personal hygiene. After removing the tissue from the sachet wipe your hands thoroughly i. The preparation should only be used on the skin intact. The product is intended for common use. Sachet of nonwoven viscose handkerchief soaked with an aqueous germicidal solution.
picture Water - - sachet

Designed product ready to use with a bactericidal action designed to disinfect water in small quantities for consumption by humans . Designed for individual users.
picture Water - - liquid 250 ml

Ready to use product of bactericidal and fungicidal activity for the disinfection of small quantities of surface water, groundwater and water intended for consumption by humans and animals. Designed for individual users.
Product Form: liquid

PHMG Strips

Dip the strip to a depth of 1-2 cm in water containing PHMG for about a second. The result read by comparing the Because the scale of color after 30 seconds. Stripes store in a dry dark place.



How to remove the bacteria

In every moment of our lives we are exposed to infection with parasites, bacteria. It should be at least 2-3 times a year to make prevention a systematic cleansing of parasites, bacteria and fungi, and detoxification of toxins and enhancing immunity, and above all welcome to use the products Firmt Fosfaton-Akwaton International Litd. Canada - and akwaton.pus Disinfect Water



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